Update on MazeBot (Primary) and MazeBot (Tertiary) Game Rules



Please note that there are slight changes to the game rules for MazeBot (Primary) and MazeBot (Tertiary) as of 17 Apr 2017. You may find the changes highlighted in red over at the following pages:


MazeBot (Primary) (click to be redirected to page)

MazeBot (Tertiary) (click to be redirected to page)


The downloadable versions of the game rules are also updated accordingly.



Volunteer with us this June Holidays


Finding something meaningful to do this June Holidays? Enjoy being part of a fun event? Join us as a general volunteer!

As a general volunteer, you will get to be involved in a variety of activities – setting up the event space, coordinating teams for their robot runs, inspect teams’ robots, refereeing the games, managing the fringe games and many more!

We are looking for students aged 14 and above with or without knowledge in robotics. If you are keen and free on the following days, please sign up here with us!


Set up day: 19 June 2017, 1pm onwards

Event day: 20 June 2017, 8am-6pm

Briefing/Meeting dates: 27 May 2017 and 10 June 2017, 10am-3pm


If you have any concerns, feel free to drop us an email at sgtechchallenge@gmail.com. Otherwise, see you there!  🙂