"We strive to bring an exciting competition to the participants, enhance our people’s volunteering experience and to bring out the best in our leaders."


The Singapore Tech Challenge (STC) is a nation-wide Robotics competition targeted at primary and secondary school students. The competition serves as a platform for students to showcase their creativity and develop problem-solving skills through undertaking challenging missions. In addition to the competition, the event also incorporates elements of fun in it, such as having arcade-like games constructed out of LEGO, to educate students the importance of having fun while competing. Another unique point about STC is that the event is completely planned and executed by youths, mostly aged 14 to 16. As such, STC is also an avenue for older students to hone their leadership and organizational skills.

STC was first held in 2015 at the United World College (East Campus) and attracted a remarkable amount of 600 participants that year. Following the success, STC was held again in 2016 at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). That year, we welcomed 3 new sponsors/partners onboard, which doubled our original number of sponsors/partners thus giving us extra resources to bring the best to our participants. In 2017, we continued to hold the event at SUTD and had the school join us as one of our sponsors. We also introduced 2 new games, namely MechaMania and RoboGladiators, and opened up a tertiary category for MazeBot to give STC a fresh look. These changes were well-liked by our participants and many look forward to another run of the new games in 2018.


Each run of STC will consist of 2-4 of the following games: