Gen-R, formerly known as RoboAcademy, was established in 2007 with the aim of developing youths through community involvement projects, especially in the area of Robotics. The group operated under the RoboAcademy brand name for 8 years and hosted multiple Robotics competitions during this period. We started out humbly with a mini event, the RoboGladiators, at the SHINE Youth Festival in 2008 and in the following year, expanded to a full-fledge competition, known as the World Robo Tournament (WRT), at the Downtown East D’Marquee. WRT eventually became an annual event for RoboAcademy and sees a participation rate of at least 450 participants each year.

In 2015, we decided to establish ourselves as a society to aid future expansion plans and on 23 January that year, RoboAcademy was successfully renamed as Gen-R and registered under the Singapore Registry of Societies (UEN: T15SS0009L). With the rebranding of the group, WRT was also renamed as the Singapore Tech Challenge (STC) and the competition continues to be held annually during the June School Holidays. In 2015, Gen-R was also involved in organizing an AppInventor Workshop in collaboration with Envisage Education for the NewAge Alpha Hackathon 2015. In 2016, Gen-R's members volunteered their time as referees at the local First Lego League (FLL) organized by Duck Learning.


Our Motto

For youths, by youths

Our Vision

To develop youths in leadership, volunteerism and philanthropy through involving youths in organizing community outreach programs and activities.

Our Objectives

Provide opportunities for youths to develop leadership and event management skills through hosting competitions, workshops and other activities.

Generate interest in the field of Robotics and, through it, strengthen relationships among people.

Increase Infocomm Technology (IT) literacy in the community.